µTorrent Alpha 3.3 (build 27280) Released

– Fix: video slider steps should be small for fine control and visual smoothness
– Fix: fixed lack of window frame for popped-out video; returning to embedded video works fine too;
– Fix: heap corruption
– Fix: partfile use
– Feature: sanity check on how many uTP connections we allow
– Feature: minimal support for pad-files (deselect them by default)
– Feature: retry http connection when host resolves into multiple ips and the first fails

µTorrent Alpha 3.3 (build 27251) Released

— 2012-05-18: Version
– Fix: Improperly formatted torrent vote messages
– Fix: Only request IPV4 addresses for udp tracker DNS resolution
– Fix: Bad outgoing request_peer DHT message when filename length over 100
– Fix: fixed savedir issue for magnet links that was resolved in the add torrent dialog
– Fix: possible deadlock when reporting a hang
– Fix: force-started magnet links would be stopped after metadata was received
– Fix: Fixed not sending MTU probes.
– Change: uTP timers are now classes that can be swapped out for testing and produce consistent unit test results.
– Fix: Magnet link metadata is truncated to size early.

µTorrent Alpha 3.3 (build 27184)

— 2012-05-08: Version
– Fix: issue where uTorrent would not make outgoing connections under certain circumstances
– Fix: magnet links would not have a correct added-on date
– Change: uTP now uses a retransmit counter rather than a timer for killing connections with packet loss.

µTorrent 3.3 alpha (build 27150) Released

– Change: rewritten, multithreaded disk i/o
– Change: remove unsafe string format handling code to improve stability
– Fix: lots of memory leaks
– Change: remove DNA
– Fix: Remaining instances of access to an already closed handle as well as apparent hash fails.
– Fix: Account for cache space before and after writes.
– Change: Files in a torrent now become read-only while seeding.
– Fix: limit the scope of files btapp can access to those a user has selected.
– Change: Added advanced feature: diskio.quick_hash
– Change: clean up semantics around download location. The download location is now the root folder, independent on multifile torrent or not
– Fix: Don’t load torrent twice, this was causing sizes to appear as double sometimes.
– Change: Increase supported torrent (total files) size from 1TB to 17TB.
– Fix: Don’t set all files to skip when loading torrents
– Fix: shutdown hang
– Fix: fixed very long btapp descriptions from overflowing permissions dialog
– Fix: Make moving a file count as activity when deciding whether to shut down
– Fix: Fix some crashes resulting from media state callback being run without the network lock
– Change: Only show error dialog Show “Failed to add file to iTunes” once per unique error type
– Change: Separate path from name/destination in add torrent dialog
– Fix: fixed bug where SSDP UUID in UPnP broadcast was inconsistent and didn’t match settings
– Change: added codec information for mp4, mov and mkv and to the webui streamables
– Feature: Display allocating status of torrents
– Fix: fixed bug where multi-file torrents would not be copied to new volumes
– Fix: fixed potential installer hang when there’s no internet connection
– Fix: fixed bug where sometimes active torrents would not inline in RSS feed view
– Fix: fixed GDI object leak when preparing to stream