Early look of WhatsApp Messenger [ Windows Phone 8 ]

Previously, Windows Phone few days back surprised by the missing from the marketplace then after many speculation / guesses by the fans on WhatsAppen.com . WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton replies that their teams soon submit new version to the market. No other details were given but this sounds like an execution error rather than something more deleterious.

And Today, there’s another news for it ; A windows phone-8 based phone [ Apollo ] running WhatsApp [ Leaked ], and these are some screenshot given to the public [ For more screenshots : Here]

WhatsApp Messenger Interface ( Leaked )

WhatsApp App Tile

Though nothing too revealing is shown by the images it’s sure nice to see companies like WhatsApp pushing forward on Windows Phone and we look forward to taking their new version for a spin.

Sony: Xperia P Android 4.0 update coming Aug. 19-25

Sony Mobile India has taken to its official Facebook page to announce that ICS will start hitting Xperia P handsets from the week of Aug. 19-25. It’s unclear whether this release window applies to India alone, but even if it does, other territories shouldn’t expect too much of a delay given Sony’s track record. The news also bodes well for owners of the Xperia U and Xperia Sola, as these handsets are powered by the same internal hardware and run an almost identical ROM.