Picasa 3.9 build 136.09 Update

  • Fixed Sync/upload to re-upload on image size or metadata changes.
  • Fixed reading jpg files saved by Gimp.
  • Fixed Reading some png files with metadata errors.
  • Fixed some errors storing faces in XMP data.
  • “Save as” and “Save a Copy” are now re-enabled when switching away from two-up AA mode.
  • The size option for uploads is now saved in the album data.

Download Here

Twitter Native App Update

Both Updated on 18 September along with the new feature release ” Header “.

  • Android ( 3.4.0 )

– New profiles with header photos
– Photo streams on profiles and events
– Pinch-to-zoom on photos
– Search suggestions for people, topics and hashtags
– Improved protected account management including the ability to accept or deny follower requests
– Other improvements, polish, and fixes

  • iOS ( 5.0 )

– New Twitter for iPad
– New profiles with header photos
– Photo streams on profiles and events
– Other improvements, polish, and fixes


New on Twitter Today

We have know that g+ and Facebook has a spot on user’s profile page where the company let’s you put images that represents you ( usually called cover photo ), to catch up things ; twitter added new feature to it’s profile page ( known as ” me ” )


But starting today, there’s a new feature that changes ; it’s called ” header ”


To set a picture on a header :

  1. Click on gear icon ( Next to blue composer button )
  2. Several option will pop up – select Settings
  3. On the Settings screen, select Design from the side panel option
  4. On Design screen, navigate / find  Customize your own below Pick a premade theme option
  5. You’ll find ” Header ” option.
  6. Upload desired picture
  7. Once finish loading, you’ll see your header like this.


Blackberry ID now intergrate with Beta Zone

RIM has simplified user when using it’s ” testing zone ” by merging the Blackberry ID, by all mean you are no longer required another username just for it’s Beta Zone which DID happen for years. The new feature has begun from today.

Notice :

If you have the same email ( Blackberry ID with Beta Zone ), Blackberry will automatically merge your account. Simply log in to your Beta account which will be redirect to Blackberry ID ( in Blackberry ID site ) [ Since all sign in will be done with Blackberry ID ]. Once you finished signing up, you will be redirect to the beta zone and notified that your account has been merged and you’ll require to agree new terms and agreement. Done

Twitter Beta ( Not Official )

UPDATE : Issues below have been reviewed by RIM; the update no longer available – It’s recommended to downgrade your Twitter to ( Previous Version )

No change log available – But several members reporting similar issue ;

  • Posted tweet stay on composer box
  1. Stays on composer box
  2. Unable to automatically clear
  3. Issues still happens although user has switch to 2nd account

( First account tweet still visible on composer box of second account )

Originally post on 18.30 – Revised at 23:13