BBM 7 ( OS 6 + 7 – 7.1 )

Requirements ( BBM Voice )

BBM Voice is compatible with the most common personal/home WiFi network configurations. To initiate a BBM Voice chat simply connect to a WiFi access point, and from within any BBM chat, tap the BBM Voice icon or press your phone hard key whenever your contact shows available.

If you are experiencing difficulty making or receiving BBM Voice chats a firewall maybe in place. Firewalls add an additional level of security to your connection by permitting and denying network traffic between devices on the internal network and the internet. BBM Voice uses the following ports and porting forwarding must be enabled for the application to work on a traffic restricted network:

• 443 (TCP)
• 3478 (UDP)
• 62148 to 62169 (UDP)
BBM Voice also communicates with the following addresses; therefore, they need to be white-listed:


For guidance on how to setup port forwarding, please contact your network administrator or refer to the documentation included with your router, firewall, or security software

What’s New :

BBM Voice – For the times when you want to hear a friend’s laughter instead of reading their LOL’s, BBM now comes with BBM Voice. Now you have the freedom to switch almost any BBM conversation from text to a call and speak to your BBM contacts, from almost anywhere they are in the world for free over WiFi. You’ll instantly know whenever BBM friends are available to call. Alternatively, if the moment isn’t right to speak with a friend who’s calling, simply choose to respond discretely by text.

  • Visual Indicator – Know instantly when BBM friends are available to voice call – no guesswork needed. Leaving you to decide how and when to connect with all your BBM friends.
  • Multitasking with BBM Voice – Do more while you chat – with BBM Voice you are free to respond to BBM text chats, check emails or navigate to other apps while still on a BBM Voice call.
  • Accessory compatible – Choose how you chat with BBM Voice – BBM Voice is compatible with your accessories. Use the handset, the speakerphone, Bluetooth accessory or a wired headset – and easily switch between them via the onscreen menu item in the active chat screen.

BBID Synchronization – Users can now switch even more easily between BlackBerry smartphones since BBM 7 allows your BBM profile, Groups and Contacts to be linked to your BBID.  Integration with BBID will also allow users to seamlessly transfer all of their BBM information to a BlackBerry 10 device.

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