Facebook 3.3

What’s New (

BBM Integration:

  • Ability to opt in/out of the PIN sharing in the setup wizard and screen options
  • Ability to know when my Facebook friends are sharing their PINs so I can invite them to BBM
  • Ability to invite my Facebook BBM connected friends, who are sharing their PIN, to my BBM contact list (if not already friends)
  • Icon showing which Facebook friends I can invite to chat on BBM
  • Ability to initiate a BBM conversation with my BBM connected Facebook friend, who is sharing his/her PIN and we are BBM contacts
  • Option to be synced with the web so changes on the device/web are reflected on the device/web
  • Facebook friends PIN to be updated regularly to ensure that the invitation to chat on BBM is sent to the right PIN
  • Ability to invite my friends to BBM or chat from the profile screen

Photo Re-Design

  • Ability to see my photo albums as a grid of photos (grid view thumbnails)
  • Ability to efficiently scroll through my grid-based photo albums and not worry about network details when opening large albums (pagination)
  • Ability to see photo in full screen
  • Ability to slide between my full-screen photos

Photo Save

  • Ability to save photo to device/media card

User Interface Changes

  • Ability to view Navigational Grid with the new UX changes
  • Ability to view Header with the new UX changes
  • Ability to view Profile Publisher with the new UX changes
  • Ability to view Newsfeed publisher with the new UX changes
  • Ability to view Today with the new UX changes


  • Ability to unfriend from your friends list and friends profile via GCM, menu, and +
  • Ability to see a confirmation dialogue before unfriending so that I can cancel my request if needed

 ***** Previous New Feature *****

  1. v. 
  2. v.

Known Issue ( ) :

  • Photo Tag info not showing up in Newsfeed
  • Notifications are not received when tagged in Place Check In
  • Poke Notifications not working

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