Twitter 3.2 [ Blackberry ]

          Most of you think that this program updates so fast that when 3.1 update just released, 3.2 already published. Well Twitter Moderator explains. She said that this beta release are supposed to find ” bugs ” that user can find one.  Now the updates only simple, if you think something missing from the App give a suggestion ! Be active in the Community !

What’s new :

  • Follow/Unfollow buttons on user lists
  • Improved support for expanded Tweets, including article summaries and photos (read more about this new functionality on Twitter’s blog here)

Some ” Feature ” in Feature Suggestion Tab :

  • See whether or not a user is following you
  • Ability to accept or decline follower requests
  • Ability to see all Twitter interactions
  • Open at last read Tweet
  • Photo galleries
  • Ability to see who has favourited a Tweet

Changes on v. :

  • Drop down list buttons in options screen are not getting redrawn correctly when changing options.
  • Right to Left – Following and all users button text clipped or not displayed correctly in user account options.
  • Right to Left – Follow button and usernames are not reversed in lists for AR and HE on 5.0
  • Outside interaction with Lists cause Internal Twitter server problem or loading screen indefinitely
  • Unable to access UK English help All users/following drop-down menu doesn’t update while highlighted

Changes on v. :

  • Trends list is incorrect, and not for the proper region
  • Follow button on users list do not appear in correct state
  • The follow button is cut off when using a larger font size on the search page
  • Misaligned lock image on user lists
  • Details missing on error dialogs when clicking link for show details – exception in log
  • The verified logo is cut-off on the following list screen
  • Text isn’t vertically in the centre of focus on location selection drop down of trends
  • Email popup field opens when you check or uncheck the show password option
  • Truncated link causes it not to work/open to intended article

Changes on v. :

  • Duplicate Tweets in timeline
  • If you save a picture that was embedded in an email (not attached), you are unable to Tweet photo later. States “Could not process image”
  • Duplicate list created – can’t be deleted
  • User name is clipped and Thai characters visible on the background when typed English User Name and Password on the Text box field

Changes on v. ( Gold Canidate ) :

  • Unable to post a tweet if attaching a location is disabled
  • Find Friends dialog and page are not translated (all languages)
  • Background updates not working
  • Timeline doesn’t refresh correctly after uploading a photo – Error shown and exception in log file
  • Mentions can be scrolled off screen
  • Timeline does not auto-refresh after delete/dismiss/undo
  • Clicking OK on Finds Friends screen freezes device in 5.0
  • After saving a search, the search page isn’t updated until after a refresh
  • Favorite count shown in the my profile goes to negative sometimes. The count should never be negative.
  • Welcome screen users suggestions list does not appear if there is an extended character in the name
  • Your Favorites list does not refresh correctly to show unfavorited tweet.
  • Thumbnail in summary card is selectable on touch screen devices.

Changes on v. ( Final Version )

  • Following list is not showing following state correctly. The follow button is appearing for many users even though you already follow them.
  • Timeline takes up to 10 seconds to appear when switching users
  • Twitter Search shows duplicate tweets
  • Reply All does not reply to all, only replies to the original sender

***** Known Bug List Not available ******

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