Twitter 3.1

Recently RIM released Twitter v3.1.0.8 ( beta ) , in this update some changes :

  • Updated Tweet Details Screen
  • Undo Retweet
  • Right to Left Language Support
  • Additional Languages – Finnish, Arabic & Hebrew

There’s some bugs that were fixed in later version ( v [ beta ] ) but I’m still

figured that bugs like double tweet, ect are still found but you still need to be patient

since this features only available in beta zone. An update was released on beta zone , below I had listed it’s change log. ( v. [ beta zone ] )

later Gold Candidate ( v. ) was with some fixes and Today ( July 16 ) It’s officialy released on App World with ( v. )

********* Change Log in v. beta ) *******

  • Cannot press ‘L’ to reply to all in Tweet details screen (BZ report)
  • “Sorry you are not authorized to see this status” error popup on Tweet details screen (BZ report)
  • Seeing duplicate Replies in Tweet details page (BZ report)
  • View Pictures are not full sized and cropped off in new Tweet details (BZ report)
  • Undo Retweet fails
  • Right to Left – Scrolling in timeline jumps over links, @mentions and #hashtags to Retweeted by user link

************ Change log in v. ( beta) **********

  • Unable to view photo when selected from social feeds (BZ report)
  • Favorites icon is not updated correctly (BZ report)
  • Follow button appears in Tweet details when you view your own tweet
  • DM notification appears for welcome message that was previously read / deleted
  • When attempting to zoom out, picture automatically closes
  • Right to Left – BBM text and buttons not displayed correctly in the options dialog for Arabic and Hebrew
  • Right to Left – Scrolling in a tweet is not correct if there are 2 or more @usernames next to each other

*********** Change Log in v.3.0.17 ( Beta ) ****************

  • Updated Twitter Bird
  • Sharing Tweets over email fails to keep links shortened
  • Reply Hotkey not working and menu item missing on the Tweet Details screen if the Tweet is Retweeted by you
  • When replying to a Tweet with a location, location call out pops up over top of the text in the Tweet
  • Main account was deleted/logged out from app after experiencing network issues
  • Spell check dialog appears as well as the suggested usernames in Sign Up screen

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