ĀµTorrent 3.3 Change Log [ Windows ]

–2012-11-21: Version 3.3 alpha (build 28582)
– Fix UT Plus LREC height mis-sizing
– Remove: obsolete graphic images
– Fix: Crash in LAdWindow
– Fix: Restore global upload rate limiting
– Fix: rare crash in udp tracker code
– Fix: coalesce writes from cache to disk

–2012-11-08: Version 3.3 alpha (build 28508)
– Fix: Install / Uninstall race condition
– Fix: some timer wrapper issues
– Fix: peer ID bug causing disconnects
– Fix: unchecking files in add torrent dialog was broken
– Fix: potential crash when anti-virus scanning would fail
– Change: Control-f switches the search box to a torrent filter

–2012-11-01: Version 3.3 alpha (build 28431)
– Fix: Malformed web seed HTTP requests for files with spaces in their name
– Fix: Language files downloading issue in BitTorrent
– Change: Include all trackers in “Copy Magnet URI” command, not just the first tier