ĀµTorrent 3.4 Change Log [ Windows ]

— 2012-11-26: Version 3.4 alpha (build 28604)
– Fix: Installation of btinstall files

— 2012-11-19: Version 3.4 alpha (build 28577)
– Fix: rare crash in udp tracker code
– Change: Return install elevation

— 2012-11-15: Version 3.4 alpha (build 28556)
– Fix: Uninstall elevation issue issue
– Fix: XP path relocation issue
– Fix: Win7: Pinning utorrent to takbar and then clicking taskbar button should open, not minimize
– Fix: Columns in main list view were offset
– Fix: Install / Uninstall race condition
– Change: Control-f switches the search box to a torrent filter
– Feature: canonical peer priority
– Fix: some timer wrapper issues
– Fix: peer ID bug causing disconnects
– Fix: Crash in speed test dialog
– Fix: Crash in gui
– Fix: Desktop and start menu shortcut creation was broken

— 2012-11-05: Version 3.4 alpha (build 28462)
– Feature: include an option for automatic update
– Change: install without UAC prompt
– Fix: unchecking files in add torrent dialog was broken
– Fix: potential crash when anti-virus scanning would fail
– Fix: Malformed web seed HTTP requests for files with spaces in their name
– Fix: Language files downloading issue in BitTorrent
– Change: Include all trackers in “Copy Magnet URI” command, not just the first tier
– Fix: existing files would not be re-checked when adding a resolved magnet link in add torrent dialog
– Fix: remove redundant virus warning
– Feature: re-use data from previously downloaded torrents
– Change: improve status message for magnet links that need DHT when DHT is disabled
– Fix: make Force Recheck circumvent file timestamp optimization (to actually force a recheck)
– Fix: disable comment fields when disabling comment support