BBM ( Blackberry World )

  • Multi-tasking with Split-screen feature – Customers can do more while they talk, such as check other BBM text chats, check email, or navigate to other apps while engaged on a BBM Voice call. They can start a call in an instant, and switch between texting and talking, or text and talk at the same time. They can also for example, send a picture to a contact while they are talking with them.
  • Clear Visual Indicator – Customers can see when contacts are available for a voice call.
  • Convenient Compatibility with Accessories – Customers can use their favorite accessories, such as a Bluetooth or wired headset, or use the BlackBerry smartphone’s speakerphone.
  • 16 New Emoticons – Available in the final software released today, customers will see a slate of new emoticons offer them fresh, fun ways to express themselves in text chats.
  • Direct BBM Update Notification – BBM will now notify a customer when there is an update from within the app, and allow them to download it immediately from inside the app.
  • Simple BlackBerry ID Synchronization – A customer’s BBM profile, Groups and Contacts are now linked to their BBID for easy backup and restore. The data will also carry over when they move to BlackBerry 10.

Change Log Here

Advance OS and LED 15.0 [ Blackberry ]

– Main screen new User Interface.
– Added Battery Saving Mode feat

– Added Battery & Usage Monitor Feature with export reports to CSV.
– Added Word Substitution (AutoText) Manager feature (export/import/delete duplicates).
– Added Vibration Option to all LEDs.
– Added Ringtones Option to all LEDs.
– Added Holster support for ringtones.
– Added ‘delete’ and ‘insert into’ any step in iLaunch custom actions.
– Added key shortcuts in iLaunch Popup.
– Added More Custom LEDs slots.
– Added new phone Call LEDs (Call Timer, Dial, Mute, Hold/Resume).
– Added Wifi and Bluetooth LEDs (under Network LEDs).

– Fixed issues with hookt app and other 3rd party apps not showing LED sometimes.
– Minimized battery usage for app
– Fixed timing issues with wallpaper feature.
– Fixed html email message’s issues.
– Fixed ringtones not playing sometimes.
– Fixed LED not flashing after exceeding 17 LED colors bb limitation.
– Fixed camera Flashlight not showing help message.
– Fixed network LED after call end.
– Fixed major bug in “update contacts details” menu option in LED & Ringtone feature.

Blackberry Desktop 7.1 bundle 33 [ Windows ] Released

What’s new on 7.1 :

  • BlackBerry PlayBook tablet support

You can add a tablet that has BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.1 or later installed on it.

The BlackBerry Desktop Software supports mobile network enabled tablets.

  • Sync enhancements

You can sync all of your configured data at one time by toggling the sync button in a synchronization screen and selecting Sync All.

  • Media sync enhancements

    You can:

    • Sync your music by individual songs or by collections of music, including albums.
    • Drag and drop picture and video folders from your computer into the BlackBerry Desktop Software to sync with your BlackBerrysmartphone or tablet.Synchronizing organizer data.


    *** Change Log ***

    Synchronizing organizer data

    Previously, if you had two-way sync configured for your organizer data, and you switched to one-way sync to the device and updated an organizer data entry on your smartphone, if you then changed the sync direction to one-way to your computer, the change on your smartphone wasn’t synchronized to your computer. (DT 3869608)
    IBM Lotus Notes
    Previously, if you had one-way sync to your smartphone from your computer configured for tasks and you had a conflict between a recurring event on your smartphone and a non-recurring event in IBM Lotus Notes, if you chose to update the event from your mail client, the event on your smartphone was updated but the event type was not changed from recurring to non-recurring. (DT 3869694)
    Previously, if you had two-way sync configured and you created a recurring task on your smartphone and you set a reminder that was relative to the task date, when the BlackBerry Desktop Software synchronized the task to your computer, the alarm for the reminder was incorrect. (DT 3869687)
    Previously, if you configured two-way sync for your tasks, reminders set for recurring tasks in IBM Lotus Notes were not synchronized to your smartphone. (DT 3869601)
    Previously, if you configured synchronization for your tasks and you disabled the Due Date/Time field level mapping and then clicked Sync, you received the following error message:  “CRRecurringl::IsValidRecurringField: “ Due Date/Time” field NOT found in FieldTempateMap.” (DT 2370917)
    Windows 7
    Previously, if you were using Windows 7 Calendar and you configured synchronization for tasks in the BlackBerry Desktop Software, when you clicked Sync, the BlackBerry Desktop Software displayed the following synchronization error message: “CPreferencesManager: Configuration Value for /Preferences 1/CalFilename not set in TransConfig.xml.” Instead, the BlackBerry Desktop Software should have prompted you to select your calendar file. (DT 3869582)
    Windows Vista
    Previously, if you had Windows Vista installed on your computer and you created an all-day event from your computer, when the BlackBerry Desktop Software synchronized the event to the Calendar application on your smartphone, the event didn’t display as an all-day event on the smartphone. (DT 3869459)