Google Chrome 23.0.1271.97

  • Some texts in a Website Settings popup are trimmed (Issue: 159156)
  • Linux: <input> selection renders white text on white bg in apps (Issue: 158422)
  • some plugins stopped working (Issue: 159896)
  • Windows8: Unable to launch system level chrome after self destructing user-level chrome (Issue: 158632)
  • Adobe Flash Player Updated

Google Play Update

  • Adobe Reader 10.4.1

* Bug Fixes

  • Adobe Reader 10.4.0

• Store and access documents in the cloud with
• Fill out and submit online forms from Adobe FormsCentral
• Forms support for Validation, Formatting, and Calculation
• Calculations using Form Field Hierarchies
• Select and mark up vertical and Asian text
• View rights managed documents with dynamic watermarks

  • Amazing Alex 1.0.4

* New Episode, levels

  • TuneIn Radio 6.6

* Improved interface

  • Facebook

• Faster photo tagging
• Choose an album when uploading photos
• Fixed photo upload bug affecting people using certain languages

  • Plague.Inc 1.0.7

– Code optimisation to fix crashes/lag on some devices
– Improvements to ‘restore purchases’ functionality

  • Twitter 3.4.2

– Improved profile layout for larger screens
– Performance improvements & bug fixes

  • Soundhound 5.2.1

• Search is even faster
• New content and easy access to free songs
• Improved localization: now including Brazilian Portuguese
• Bug fixes

  • Foursquare 2012.10.23

* Redesigned check-in screen ; easier to mention to your friends, share to Facebook and Twitter

* Design Improvement

* Performance Improvement

Google Play Update

  • Adobe Air
  1. Bug fixes
  2. Security enhancements

Other Details Here

  • Angry Bird 2.3.0

The Bad Piggies don’t just have a new game — now they’ve taken over Angry Birds with 15 of the PIGGEST levels ever!
Take a break with 15 stormy levels for Surf ‘n Turf!
The Bad Piggies have taken over with 15 PIG THEMED Angry Birds levels!

  • Draw Something Free 1.10.108

** No Change Log **

  • Google+

– Google+ page owners can view, post and comment from mobile
– Discover people and topics more easily using ‘Find people’
– New Home screen Widget re-design

  • Instagram 3.2.0

– Fixes on Black Image issue ( Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy Y )

  • iStunt 2 1.0.6

– Jellybean Support

  • Plague.Inc 1.0.5

– Now possible to move to SD
– Performance improvements to fix crashes on some devices.
– Game will auto-save if it detects a shortage of memory (RAM)
– News headlines now sync
– Achievements notification

  • Street view on Google Map

** No Change Log **

  • Whatsapp Messenger  2.8.5732
    critical bug fixes for Sony Ericsson devices
    media upload bug fix
    updated localization
  • Foursquare 2012.10.10

✓ Points back in for check-in detail pages
✓ We’re now bolding out those shout-outs and mentions of friends for check-ins
✓ Report tips that are spam, offensive or no longer relevant via the Tip detail page
✓ New categorization of venue photos, now we show you what’s more relevant at the top, and no more duplicates!
✓ Quick save capability from the activity stream
✓ Addressed issue with viewing profile

Software Update

  • Adobe Flash Player 11.4.402.287 [ Download Here )
  1. Crashes when navigating to/from Flash content in Internet Explorer(3328165)
  2. Unable to package an application using an ANE on iOS, which doesn’t not implement the finalizer function. (3325320)
  3. Packaging fails with null pointer exception, when packaging an IPA using only the default implementation in the ANE on iOS. (3325321)
  4. Database data is wiped out for every launch on iOS Simulator. (3329309)
  5. WIFi Debugging on iOS :Debugging on iOS does not work when network interface is chosen as “Default” for Player Target AIR3.4 (3325323)

An update follows as Flash Player updated ;

  • Google Chrome 22.0.1229.92 ( Windows, Mac OS X, Linux )
  1. Stability Issues fixes
  2. Security fixes

Please see the Chromium security page for more detail. Note that the referenced bugs may be kept private until a majority of our users are up to date with the fix.These builds also have a new version of Flash with security and other fixes. More information can be found here.Full details about what’s in this release are available in the SVN revision log. Found a bug? Report it! On a different channel, but want to join us on the Beta train? The Chromium wiki has you covered.

Only For Mac OS X 10.8.2 :

  • Multiple Profile Issues
  • Text display Fix


Google Play Update

  • Adobe Reader 10.3.2
  1. Add text to your PDFs with the Add Text tool
  2. Organize and manage your documents in Reader’s improved file organizer. Create folders, copy, move, rename, and delete files
  3. Help us make Reader better by optionally sharing anonymous usage data with us
  4. Bug Fixes
  • Google Maps

* Access your desktop and mobile search history through My Places.
* Single-handed zoom; double tap, then hold down your finger and slide to zoom.

Another pain for Windows Xp ?

Well, this isn’t what loyal Xp user would expect, do you ? Previously, Google has announced they going to drop support for IE8 which is Windows Xp’s IE version but user still probably access it with another browser ( Firefox / Google Chrome ).Then, Adobe announced that they won’t fully support this 11 years old Windows OS in next release of Adobe Suite ; Photoshop. But actually the end-support was begun on it’s newest suit which is CS 6 ( Photoshop 13.0 ), one of them was lightroom.

What will happen next ? Is Windows Xp should be abandoned as soon as possible so at the time Microsoft terminate it’s support only few user effected ? Actually the end-support was dated on April 2014.

Adobe Air 3.4 ( New ) and Adobe Flash Player 11.4 Update [ Change Log ]




Download Link for Adobe Air 3.4

Fixes :

  • Netstream crashes intermittently on disconnect(3193417)
  • Issue with stopping live audio streaming on AIR Android(3188340)
  • drawWithQuality() does not render filters properly on Android devices(3224928)
  • Clipborad.generalClipboard.setData doesn’t work on iOS(3226045)
  • Some FLV video content does not play in Flash Player on Windows (3187569)
  • Only right side audio playing in Flash Player based apps in Firefox on Windows(3289279)
  • Mouse Lock feature disabled after entering Full Screen Interactive mode(3174344)
  • [iOS5] TextFields with embedded fonts garbled on mobile devices(3161138)
  • First frame of some live streaming contents freezes(3207896)
  • Application icons for 50X50, 100X100, 1024X1024 are now supported for iOS applications in the Application Descriptor(3217144)
  • Applications using Native extensions sometimes crash on iOS when using certain external Libxml2.dylib (3226974)
  • Some deviation is observed when a launch image of resolution 768 x 1004 or 1024 x 748 is packaged in a full-screen iPad application. (3230762). The new guidelines for using launch images can be referred to here
  • H264 videos on iOS crash when switching between two NetStreams attached to a StageVideo object(3206438)
  • Issue with CameraRoll.browseForImage() causes transparency loss resulting in white color(3291312)

New Features :

  • ActionScript Workers (Flash Player)
  • Sandbox Bridge support (Flash Player)
  • Licensing support: Flash Player Premium Features for Gaming (Flash Player)
  • Stage3D “constrained” profile for increased GPU reach (Flash Player and AIR)
  • LZMA support for ByteArray (Flash Player and AIR)
  • StageVideo attachCamera/Camera improvements (Flash Player and AIR)
  • Compressed texture with alpha support for Stage3D (Flash Player and AIR)
  • DXT Encoding(Flash Player and AIR)
  • Deprecated Carbon APIs for AIR (AIR)
  • Direct AIR deployment using ADT (AIR)
  • Push Notifications for iOS (AIR)
  • Ambient AudioPlaybackMode (AIR)
  • Exception Support in Native Extensions for iOS (AIR)
  • New option in ADT to list the attached mobile devices (AIR)
  • ADT option to resolve ANE symbol conflicts on iOS (AIR)

Blackberry PlayBook OS Update Removed

Previously, I have told you that Blackberry Playbook OS Update Released [ August 3rd, 2012 ]. But some crackberry user reporting that this update gone. Gone ? This is the biggest question for all user, what I know is this is the first update removed from the update list of PlayBook OS Update.

                         RIM discovered an issue with the PlayBook software update. The update has been removed. Customers that have already successfully updated to version are not affected and can continue using their PlayBook with the updated software.

Research In Motion

        One huge reason the update was even made available in the place was because there wasa vulnerability found within Adobe’s Flash Player. If you read through the information, it says right on the RIM site that RIM has issued BlackBerry PlayBook tablet software version which resolves these Adobe Flash Player vulnerabilities on affected versions of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Hope an Update will be released soon

Prepare your PC for Windows 8 …. If your interested with it ….

System Requirements :

  • Processor: 1GHz CPU or faster
  • RAM: 1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-bit)
  • Disk space: 16GB (32-bit) or 20GB (64-bit)
  • Graphics: DirectX 9-capable video card with WDDM driver

Those requirements are just only some things your PC needs in order to use Windows 8, First thing first an updated Hardware ( Components )  [ It is recommended to use at least Vista drive. ] A clean PC, you can use CCleaner program to help clear things up. That program can cleans ” stuff ” which you don’t need like caches from various programs, fixing / deleting registry. And now, one more thing to do before Upgrading your PC is Backup all your files, Deactivate/ Deauthorize your program ( iTunes, Photoshop ect ) and Save all your program serial keys. If you have forgotten your serials of your programs you can use Belarc Advisor

Well, that’s all you’ll need just in case you want to upgrade your PC. Good luck using Windows 8 ….