Torrent Apps Update

µTorrent Updates [ Windows ]

  • µTorrent Stable 3.2 (build 27886)

No Change Log – – Download here

– Fix: gdi plus initialization
– Fix: growing settings.dat problem

Download Here

µTorrent alpha 3.3 (build 27841) [ Windows ]

What’s New :

  • Extend UDP trackers to send request string from url
  • Don’t use a consistent peer-id (to mitigate tracking)

What’s fixed :

  • Gui freeze when downloading at high rates
  • “add at top of queue” checkbox now works for magnet links
  • Multi-file magnet links are now correctly downloaded into a directory with the torrent’s name
  • Remove play/app/antivitus buttons from torrent list, show hand cursor to indicate clickability

Download Here

Apple Software Downloads ( By iModZone ) V

Part I / II / III  / IV

I’m not responsible for errors or bugs and other problems attecked your iDevice, This file does not belong to me.

  • Note: If torrents download as .torrent.txt then remove the .txt at the end ( Source : iModZone )
  • These download are non-official version,
  • Some links may don’t work [ Please report it to me ]

OS X 10.8.1 12B17


OS X 10.7.5 11G36 Delta:


OS X 10.7.5 11G36 Combo:

RIM released Blackberry Playbook OS

Previously , RIM released an update for Blackberry Playbook OS but some users reported that the update just gone before the could update it. ( Here for that information ). But today, RIM released Blackberry Playbook OS BUT only for developer usage. Register your device here .

µTorrent Updates [ Windows ]

  • µTorrent beta 3.2.1 (build 27718) Download Here

New layout of the Add Torrent Dialog
New Feature: never try a tracker again if it returns status code 410
Change: add as a default tracker
Fix: don’t write the block list in a part file in 4-byte increments

  • µTorrent 3.2 build 27708  Language Pack Download Here
  • µTorrent Stable 3.2 (build 27708) Download Here