Facebook v. Released [ Blackberry ]

Known Issues and Change Log : Here

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Prepare your PC for Windows 8 …. If your interested with it ….

System Requirements :

  • Processor: 1GHz CPU or faster
  • RAM: 1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-bit)
  • Disk space: 16GB (32-bit) or 20GB (64-bit)
  • Graphics: DirectX 9-capable video card with WDDM driver

Those requirements are just only some things your PC needs in order to use Windows 8, First thing first an updated Hardware ( Components )  [ It is recommended to use at least Vista drive. ] A clean PC, you can use CCleaner program to help clear things up. That program can cleans ” stuff ” which you don’t need like caches from various programs, fixing / deleting registry. And now, one more thing to do before Upgrading your PC is Backup all your files, Deactivate/ Deauthorize your program ( iTunes, Photoshop ect ) and Save all your program serial keys. If you have forgotten your serials of your programs you can use Belarc Advisor

Well, that’s all you’ll need just in case you want to upgrade your PC. Good luck using Windows 8 ….

Microsoft releasing Windows 8 ….

….. That’s right, this news are fresh from the oven ( Microsoft Official Blog ) that, Microsoft will officially release Windows 8 this October 26th as Tami Reller announced at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting whether user can use Windows 8  by upgrading their PC  or on a new PC ….

Previously Microsoft has released some version of Windows 8 for developer and Beta tester to try  it …

  • September 13th, 2011 : Windows 8 Developer was released ; including tools for building Metro style apps, such as
  • Microsoft Windows SDK
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Express for Windows 8 and
  • Microsoft Expression Blend 5
  • February 29th, 2012 : Windows 8 Consumer Preview ; 

Start button is no longer present on the taskbar, though the Start screen is still triggered by clicking the bottom-left corner of the screen and by clicking Start in the Charm

  • May 31th, 2012 : Windows 8 Release Preview Released ;
  • Support of a Flash plugin in Metro Style Internet Explorer 10 Application
  • Three new Metro-style applications: Sports, Travel, and News

µTorrent beta 3.2.1 ( build 27605) [ Windows ]

Download Here

*** Bug Fixes ***

  • Seeing while streaming in Chrome
  • Incorrect http requests were causing some RSS feeds to not download
  • Broadcast new UPnP IP when switching networks
  • When downloading magnet metadata, don’t start torrent unless user chose that option
  • Resetting columns in detail listview would crash
  • Crash when peer cancelled a piece
  • Crash when writing magnet torrent file to disk

**** New Features ****


  • Advanced Settings filter
  • Convert http trackers to udp by default


**** Changes ****

  • Disk I/O error logging
  • Disable unbuffered I/O
  • net.friendly_name (upnp network name) advanced option

Microsoft Released Office 2013 Customer Preview

I’ll show you some screen shots …. New functions that may appear / available in the official version …… If you are interested in trying this office, I’ll show you the way or you can visit CNET.com while I’m working on ( Office 2013 Special Page )

Starting Office 2013, it’s possible that Windows version that below Windows 7 could not use this version as only Windows 7 and 8 are qualified to use this …. 😥


µTorrent 3.3 alpha (build 27150) Released

– Change: rewritten, multithreaded disk i/o
– Change: remove unsafe string format handling code to improve stability
– Fix: lots of memory leaks
– Change: remove DNA
– Fix: Remaining instances of access to an already closed handle as well as apparent hash fails.
– Fix: Account for cache space before and after writes.
– Change: Files in a torrent now become read-only while seeding.
– Fix: limit the scope of files btapp can access to those a user has selected.
– Change: Added advanced feature: diskio.quick_hash
– Change: clean up semantics around download location. The download location is now the root folder, independent on multifile torrent or not
– Fix: Don’t load torrent twice, this was causing sizes to appear as double sometimes.
– Change: Increase supported torrent (total files) size from 1TB to 17TB.
– Fix: Don’t set all files to skip when loading torrents
– Fix: shutdown hang
– Fix: fixed very long btapp descriptions from overflowing permissions dialog
– Fix: Make moving a file count as activity when deciding whether to shut down
– Fix: Fix some crashes resulting from media state callback being run without the network lock
– Change: Only show error dialog Show “Failed to add file to iTunes” once per unique error type
– Change: Separate path from name/destination in add torrent dialog
– Fix: fixed bug where SSDP UUID in UPnP broadcast was inconsistent and didn’t match settings
– Change: added codec information for mp4, mov and mkv and to the webui streamables
– Feature: Display allocating status of torrents
– Fix: fixed bug where multi-file torrents would not be copied to new volumes
– Fix: fixed potential installer hang when there’s no internet connection
– Fix: fixed bug where sometimes active torrents would not inline in RSS feed view
– Fix: fixed GDI object leak when preparing to stream