Apple ‘s Ping officially closed worldwide

It’s been scheduled by Apple to end the failed service on last September 30rd, the announcement could be seen by loyal iTunes user in the side bar since a month ago. This service works a like to Facebook and Twitter ; where user can update status about their music track and other user can subscribe to you ( lets they enjoy the music within iTunes ) But it failed as Apple began using on Mac OS X and iOS since most of the artist / singer has ran to Twitter or Facebook Page.

Another pain for Windows Xp ?

Well, this isn’t what loyal Xp user would expect, do you ? Previously, Google has announced they going to drop support for IE8 which is Windows Xp’s IE version but user still probably access it with another browser ( Firefox / Google Chrome ).Then, Adobe announced that they won’t fully support this 11 years old Windows OS in next release of Adobe Suite ; Photoshop. But actually the end-support was begun on it’s newest suit which is CS 6 ( Photoshop 13.0 ), one of them was lightroom.

What will happen next ? Is Windows Xp should be abandoned as soon as possible so at the time Microsoft terminate it’s support only few user effected ? Actually the end-support was dated on April 2014.

Last Olympics Doodle : Closing Ceremony

London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony Doodle