App Store : Update

  • Facebook 5.2.2

• Now you can share the best stories from your news feed with just one tap.
• New Share link to re-post stories from your news feed
• Tag your friends in any post, comment or photo
• Smileys, hearts and other emoji in messages
• To sort your feed, tap the button next to News Feed in the left sidebar
• Security and bug fixes

  • Twitter 5.2

– Apply one of eight different filters to instantly add a new look and feel to your photos
– Choose a filter by comparing all your options in a convenient grid view or by swiping through each version
– Make your photos pop with balanced light and colors by tapping the auto-enhance wand
– Crop and scale to frame the action the way you want

  • Instagram 3.2.0

A new filter! Willow
Take photos faster with Instagram’s all-new camera
Improved quality of tilt-shift
Scroll infinitely on user profiles and other grid views

Other improvements:
We added a Foursquare button on location pages that opens the Foursquare app (or Foursquare mobile website) with details about the venue
Filtered photos are now saved to a separate album called “Instagram” in the camera roll
New welcome screen design


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  • Foursquare 5.3.5

A man, a plan, a canal, Panama! • Look out for check-in highlights under your friends’ check-ins.
★ Go hang a salami; I’m a lasagna hog! • Try some recently opened places nearby.
★ Racecar! • Enjoy speedier check-ins, plus a shiny new check-in screen.
★ So many dynamos! • Search for ‘peppermint’ or ‘cider’ for some holiday treats!



Google Play : Update

  • Twitter 3.6.0

– Apply one of eight different filters to instantly add a new look and feel to your photos
– Choose a filter by comparing all your options in a convenient grid view or by swiping through each version
– Make your photos pop with balanced light and colors by tapping the auto-enhance wand
– Crop and scale to frame the action the way you want

  • Facebook

• Share option on News Feed stories
• Ability to create an album from the Photos tab on Timeline
• Improvements to photo tagging
• Fix for status update failure affecting some users

  • Instagram 3.3.2

• Fix for News Feed Scrolling in some Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices
• A new filter! Willow
• Stability and performance improvements

  • Foursquare

Foursquare helps you make the most of where you are, whether you’re deciding where to go, or what to do when you’re already there.
– If you’re looking for a place to go, you’ll now see the most important stuff when you tap through, like the rating, address, hours, menu, and phone number
– If you’re already checked in, you’ll see things like who else is there and popular tips (to make sure you order right)
– We also added big, swipeable photos at the top to help you get a sense of what it’s like

  • SongPop 1.5.15
  • Draw Something 1.11.15

★ 31 Days of Drawcember begins December 1st
★ Bug fix for Samsung Galaxy S3

Facebook Beta ( Blackberry )

What’s New :

  • Able to unfriend from friends list and friends profile via GCM, menu, and +
  • Confirmation dialogue before unfriending so request can be canceled if needed
  • Photo albums as a grid of photos (grid view thumbnails)
  • Slide between my full-screen photos

 Known Issue :

  • Update help URLs for Facebook 3.3
  • Clicking on a profile picture should enlarge it not take you to the profile picture album (grid view)
  • Pin sharing option should have help button, just like other settings options
  • Thumbnails not loaded when entering and exiting from full screen in photo grid view
  • 3 instances of the same birthday reminder from Facebook on calendar app
  • Change text shown to “loading photo” when opening full screen image
  • Update friends list BBM icons
  • Friends list is incorrectly updated with the wrong profile picture/name when unfriending/adding friends
  • Facebook icon is missing when installed on BlackBerry 8330 smartphone with 5.0
  • Ability to unfriend oneself for someone else

Facebook Beta ( Blackberry )

Enhanced BBM Integration

Users are now able to integrate BBM with their Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones application!
Feature Breakdown:

  • Ability to share/unshare BlackBerry PINs to Facebook Profiles
  • Ability to invite Facebook friends to become a BBM contact
  • Ability to initiate a BBM conversation from within the Facebook for BlackBerry application

Photo Redesign
Improved performance and ability to view thumbnails and open pictures from a grid into full screen


Feature Breakdown:

  • Grid view photo browsing
  • Full screen picture viewing


Skype Update ( Windows )


  • Messenger upgrade to Skype flow introduced

Fixed issues:

Category Description
Install Skype in client upgrade did not work correctly.
Generic Skype consumed higher amount of system resources for few users.
Calling Seldom missed conference call might have shown as missed call from conference host.


Download Here

Skype ( Windows ) / ( Mac OS X )

What’s new:

  • Microsoft and Facebook Account Integration
  • Sign up and sign-in is easier than ever. You can now sign into Skype using your Microsoft or Facebook account – there’s no need to create a new Skype account. This makes it even easier to connect with friends on Skype without having to set up another account.

  • IM friends on Messenger
  • Now you can instant message your Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail and contacts via Skype all in one place. If you use a Microsoft account today, merging your accounts is easy – just sign in to Skype with your Microsoft account.

  • Calling with Messenger friends is coming soon
  • We’re working on polishing a feature which will enable audio and video calls to Windows Live Messenger customers using Skype desktop clients. The feature will be available in coming weeks.


    Here’s more of what’s new with Skype 6.0 for Windows Desktop:

    • Skype localized to six more languages
    • We are excited to support our growing community around the world with new localized versions of Skype in Thai, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Catalan and Slovak, bringing the total languages Skype supports to 38.

    • Visual user interface refresh
    • We have refreshed and flattened the Skype UI with a simpler and less cluttered look. We have updated the look of the instant messaging and SMS areas as well.

    • Removal of online user count
    • We have removed the online user counter at the bottom of your Skype Contacts list to unclutter the UI and make more space for your friends within the contacts list.

    • Display previously created profile pictures
    • When you change your profile picture, we will now show you all of your previous Skype profile pictures so you don’t have to look through old files if you want to use a previous image.

    • Improved telemetry
    • We are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of our product. To that end we are adding additional “opt-in” telemetry reports for users who choose this option: “Tools>> Options>>Advanced>>Tick “Help improve Skype…” The reports may contain your Skype ID and or Microsoft Account ID but we will not use it to identify or contact you.

    Here’s more of what’s new with Skype 6.0 for Mac Desktop:

    • Open Chats in Multiple Windows
    • We hear your feedback! With this release we’ve added support to open chats in multiple windows.

    • Retina Display Support
    • We also added another feature you’ve asked for – support Retina display. Now you can take full advantage of improved usability and of higher resolution screens.

    More details … Here

    Google Play Update

    • Adobe Reader 10.4.1

    * Bug Fixes

    • Adobe Reader 10.4.0

    • Store and access documents in the cloud with
    • Fill out and submit online forms from Adobe FormsCentral
    • Forms support for Validation, Formatting, and Calculation
    • Calculations using Form Field Hierarchies
    • Select and mark up vertical and Asian text
    • View rights managed documents with dynamic watermarks

    • Amazing Alex 1.0.4

    * New Episode, levels

    • TuneIn Radio 6.6

    * Improved interface

    • Facebook

    • Faster photo tagging
    • Choose an album when uploading photos
    • Fixed photo upload bug affecting people using certain languages

    • Plague.Inc 1.0.7

    – Code optimisation to fix crashes/lag on some devices
    – Improvements to ‘restore purchases’ functionality

    • Twitter 3.4.2

    – Improved profile layout for larger screens
    – Performance improvements & bug fixes

    • Soundhound 5.2.1

    • Search is even faster
    • New content and easy access to free songs
    • Improved localization: now including Brazilian Portuguese
    • Bug fixes

    • Foursquare 2012.10.23

    * Redesigned check-in screen ; easier to mention to your friends, share to Facebook and Twitter

    * Design Improvement

    * Performance Improvement

    Revamped Facebook Help Center and Support Page

    • Look everything more efficient

    The updated Help Center homepage features six major topics, including things like “See What’s New on Facebook” – which links to an overview of new features and products. Additional topics can be found along the navigation on the left.

    • Keep Track of Your Reports


    Previously, it was hard to know if a report you submitted on content violating the Facebook Community Standards was being addressed. Now, with the Support Dashboard, when you submit a report on content you believe violates the Community Standards, you’ll get notified when your report has been reviewed. You can always check the latest status of what actions are being taken.

    App Store Update

    • Facebook Messenger 2.0

    – Swipe left anywhere in the app to quickly see who’s available and send a message
    – Add friends you message most to the top of your Favorites
    – New design for conversations
    – Improved speed and reliability
    – Support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5
    – Bug fixes

    • iBook 2.2

    – Adds support for iOS 6.

    • Podcasts 1.1.1 ( Apple )

    • Adds support for iOS 6.
    • Automatically keep your podcast subscriptions up-to-date between devices using iCloud
    • A new setting to choose to automatically download new episodes only when on Wi-Fi
    • A new setting to choose whether to play episodes by oldest to newest or newest to oldest
    • Pull to refresh a subscription to check for new episodes on iOS 6
    • Additional performance and stability improvements
    • Addresses an issue with playback stopping when leaving the app.

    • iTunes U 1.3

    • Adds support for iOS 6.
    • A new single day view to see all of your posts and assignments due on a particular day.
    • Addresses an issue which prevented Closed Captioning from appearing when available.

    Google Play Update

    • Scope 0.9.30

    ★ New UI for 7 inch tablets
    ★ Like/Comment/Retweet counts in stream
    ★ Added ability to search through your contact list
    ★ Like support for Facebook comments
    ★ Enabled Resharing support for Facebook links
    ★ Improved Facebook notifications
    ★ Added the option to send an invite to people in your address book
    ★ Login with Facebook
    ✓ Fixed issue with losing position in stream
    ✓ Facebook images are no longer cropped
    ✓ Moved Settings to action bar
    ✓ Resolved issues adding Facebook
    ✓ Bug fixes

    • Fourquare
    • Facebook Messenger 2.0.3
    • Instagram 3.10

    • Improved password recovery
    • Redesigned registration flow

    • Songpop ( Free ) 1.3.53