Microsoft IE’s Issue – Solution ?

A week ago, a breach was found in Microsoft Internet Explorer – causes malicious website attack the victim’s PC. No update  available since this breach detected, but Microsoft has given some advices – if you able to adapt other browser ; Firefox / Google Chrome recommended. Here some solution given by Microsoft :

  1. Install  Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit ; it helps avoid vulnerability being exploited ( Include IE )
  2. Set Internet and Local Intranet Setting to High ; Launch IE – Open Gear icon – Find and click Internet Option from the pop out menu – Click Security in Internet Option

! Warning !

Some of settings applied above may cause some website has problem while accessing.

Hackolous ( Jailbroken iDevice App Store )

Things that you’ll need :

  1. Jailbroken iDevice
  2. Cydia

Instruction How to install Hackolous

  1. Launch Cydia, open Manage Section
  2. Open Sources, click edit. Then stop signs and Add button will appear.
  3. Click Add. Type in :
  4. Let Cydia verify the source. Then a warning pops up ” Source warning  “ This source is trusted so click ” Add Anyway “. So cydia updating it’s source, once it finished click return to cydia
  5. Once you done that, click, Install these app
  • AppSync for ( Depends on your iDevice software )
  • Hackolous Resources
  • Installous 5
  • Source GUI

*** Enjoy with your new-jailbroken iDevice Apps ***

Jailbreaking your iOS Device ? No Problem ….

Thinking about jailbreaking ? But accidentally update your iOS device to 5.1.1 ( latest ) ? Not a big problem ….

Warning !

  • Once you have jailbroken your iOS device, careful not to update your iOS Software or it’ll be un-jailbroken.
  • It is not  recommended to download application from APP STORE. A jailbroken iOS have it’s own APP STORE click here for info
  • Not all device currently supported to be jailbroken.

How to jailbreak using RedsnOw 0.9.12b1

  1. Download and install latest software ( RedsnOw )
  2. Connect your iOS Device to your PC or MacBook
  3. Launch RedsnOw and click jailbreak then cydia
  4. Do what is asked by RedsnOw
  5. Things to do is completed wait for RedsnOw to do it’s job
  6. Once the iOS Device completed a reboot, you’ll see cydia on homescreen.

How to jailbreak using Absinthe2.0.4

  1. Download and Install latest software ( Absinthe )
  2. Connect your iOs to your PC / Mac / Linux
  3. Backup and restore your iOS Device via iTunes
  4. Launch Absinthe
  5. Click Jailbreak
  6. Once jailbroken, you can restore your data again via iTunes.

**** Enjoy Your newly-jailbroken iOS Device ****