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Reported : [ Windows ] Marketplace Issues for some users

Good News :

Microsoft  acknowledge that there is an issue and they even know what is causing it. As it turns out, there are some problems with certificates for new apps published in the Marketplace within the last week, and only effects first generation Windows Phone that upgraded to Mango OS

Bad News :

Those users that effected could not update some of recently updated Application



( Users ) :

  • Don’t uninstall the application that having this issues, if you do so you won’t able to reinstall it until this issues fixed
  • You can ask more Question at  Microsoft Answers so you will understand more about this issue.


  • Issues : Took long time submitting update to their App
  • Good News : Microsoft  acknowledge this issue.
  • Bad News : This issue will be fixed after Microsoft Resolved those bad certificate.
  • Recommendation : Find answer or ask more Question to understand more about this issue on MSDN forums  .

WhatsApp Messenger Returns to Windows Marketplace

Previously, it’s reported when some users can’t find their favorite app anymore in the marketplace. Soon, after rumors spectaculating what’s going on with WhatsApp on the fan blog, luckily WhatApp developer responed thats WhatsApp will return to the Marketplace soon.

Today, is the great day for us, that WhatsApp returns to the marketplace with 2.8 version. Until now, what cause ( They made the app private ) weren’t confirm but one thing they said ( so people won’t misunderstood ) it’s not about security issues.