Weeking : Change Website Background [ Mozilla Firefox ]

Mozilla Firefox Browser

Things you will need :

  • Mozilla Firefox ( 14.0.1 and below / depends )
  • Stylish 1.2.6

How to do it :

  1. Access Add-on tab ( via Firefox tab )
  2. Type ( Stylish ) on Search all add-on box
  3. Install Stylish 1.2.6, once it’s finish restart Firefox
  4. Re-open add-on tab, you will find a new tab called ( User Styles )
  5. Open http://userstyles.org/styles/browse
  6. Find any styles you like ….
  7. Once you find one, click on it’s title
  8. Install it
  9. Once you finished installing ….. Your selected page will automatically changed with style you have choosen.

How to undo the changes :

  1. Access Add-on tab, open User Styles
  2. Disable which Styles you don’t like.
  3. Done.

Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1 Released

  • New :
  1. Google searches now utilize HTTPS
  2. Full screen support for Mac OS X Lion implemented
  3. Plugins can now be configured to only load on click (requires an about:config change)
  4. The Awesome Bar now auto-completes typed URLs
  • Developer :
  1. New text-transform and font-variant CSS improvements for Turkic languages and Greek
  2. New API to prevent your display from sleeping
  3. Pointer Lock API implemented
  • Bug Fixes :
  1. OS X: nsCocoaWindow::ConstrainPosition uses wrong screen in multi-display setup (752149)
  2. CSS :hover regression when an element’s class name is set by Javascript (758885)
  3. GIF animation can gets stuck when src and image size are changed (743598)
  4. Various security fixes
  • Changes :
  1. Improved site identity manager, to prevent spoofing of an SSL connection with favicons


Mozzila Firefox updated to v.13

Few days ago, firefox version 13 was released. Some features that were added or updated :

Adds features that also available in other browsers

  • New tab page ; features similar function [Speed Dial ] with other browser (ex. Opera  )
  • Updated, Facelift home screen

  • New Home Tab ; features a Google search box and links to the user’s bookmarks, add-ons, history, downloads, and the add-on marketplace
  • Added User Profile Cleaner/ reset ; features reducing hang times, may fixes errors and glitches.

Download Here : http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/