Vlc 2.0.3 Released

Mac OS X

  • OS X Mountain Lion Support
  • Overall stability of Vlc
  • Improved fullscreen behaviour when using remote app on a smartphone
  • Improvement for flv and ape demuxers including http access module

All OS

  • 18 translations Update
  • Uzbek and Marathi Support Added

VideoLAN Organization ( VLC version 2.0.2 released )

                After more than 100 million downloads of VLC 2.0 versions, VideoLAN and the VLC development team present the third version of “Twoflower”, a major update that fixes a lot of regressions in this branch.

In this update , important changes applied :

  • Mac OS X
  1.  Interface Improvement ( Classic VLC Interface )
  2. Better Performance
  3. Retina Display  ( HiDPI ) Support
  4. Video Playback issues fixes
  5. Fix video output on old Macs, notably PowerPC and GMA950 intel Macs.
  • Windows
  • Fix video output for old graphic cards on Windows XP, which are using DirectX
  • Rewrite of the Digital TV module on Windows
  • Linux
  • Support for H264 v4l2 devices on Linux
  • All OS
  • Enhancements in HLS, Blu-Ray and various codecs support
  • Fixes for subtitles auto-detection
  • Fixes on Qt, skins2 and web interfaces
  • Fixes for splitted RAR, MKV segmented, mp4 and Real media files playback.