Picasa 3.9 build 136.09 Update

  • Fixed Sync/upload to re-upload on image size or metadata changes.
  • Fixed reading jpg files saved by Gimp.
  • Fixed Reading some png files with metadata errors.
  • Fixed some errors storing faces in XMP data.
  • “Save as” and “Save a Copy” are now re-enabled when switching away from two-up AA mode.
  • The size option for uploads is now saved in the album data.

Download Here

Picasa 3.9 Build 136.07,0 Released

  • Fix for photos being unintentionally marked “don’t sync”.
  • Fix so links to private albums work.
  • Fix for some cases of duplicate photos in sync’d albums.
  • Farsi language option (beta).

CNET TechTracker, A great way to Keep your Application Up to Date ( Windows )

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Automatically scans all ( CNET ) supported application. For example :

  • Microsoft Office / Silverlight / Msn
  • Adobe
  • Apple ( iTunes )
  • Daemon Tools ( Virtual Disk Creator )
  • Google Chrome / Picasa
  • Internet Explorer
  • Winrar ( 32-bit )
  • Skype
  • and many more …

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Google Picasa 3.5 ( Build 95.18 ) Released

  • Added support for collaborative albums in Picasa:
    • The ability to make your own albums collaborative and invite collaborators.
    • The ability to upload to a friend’s album.
  • Added better name tag recommendations.
  • Added the ability (in the Folder Manager) to remove folders from being scanned for faces.
  • Add the ability to create (and save) custom crop sizes.
  • Added an option in Settings to preserve the original JPG compression value when uploading to Picasa Web Albums
  • Imports can now be saved automatically by date taken, today’s date, or a custom folder name. If date taken is selected, photos will be saved in separate folders by date.

Google Picasa 3.5 ( Build 79.81 ) Released

  • Improved stability during import.
  • Fixed a crash related to Quicktime.
  • Improved the migration process for users upgrading from XP to Windows 7.
  • Added RAW support for the following cameras:
    • Canon EOS 7D,
    •  Olympus E-620,
    •  Canon EOS 500D,
    •  Olympus E-P1,
    •  Canon PowerShot A530,
    •  Pentax K-7,
    •  Canon PowerShot G11,
    •  Panasonic DMC-FZ35,
    •  Canon PowerShot A470,
    •  Sony DSLR-A230,
    •  Kodak EasyShare Z980,
    •  Sony DSLR-A330,
    •  Kodak EasyShare Z1015,
    •  Sony DSLR-A380,
    •  Nikon D3000,
    •  Sony DSLR-A8,
    •  Nikon D5000

Google Picasa 3.5 ( Build 79.69 ) Released

  • Fixed an issue where the Universal Terms of Service displays garbled text when installed on non-English versions of Windows.
  • Fixed an issue where certain scanners weren’t recognized when importing.
  • Fixed an issue where the Retouch edit was not applied.
  • Fixed an issue where editing contact information in Picasa altered the formatting of contact information at http://contacts.google.com/
  • Added a progress bar when batch editing with ‘Auto Red Eye Correction.’
  • Returned the ‘Copy full path’ option to the right-click menu.
  • Increased stability through multiple crash fixes.

Google Picasa 3.5 ( Build 79.67 ) Released

  • Note that this is an English release only.
  • Added name tags in the Picasa software.
  • Improved geotagging: You can now geotag in Picasa using Google Maps in the ‘Places’ tab.
  • Improved keyword tagging:
    • New ‘Tags’ tab for easier tag management.
    • New Quick Tag buttons for easy access to commonly used tags.
  • Import changes
    • Added the ability to upload and share while importing.
    • Added the ability to add stars and upload only starred images during the import process.
  • Added the ability to modify the date and time on pictures. ‘Tools > Adjust date and time.’
  • The Sharpen slider is now more responsive.
  • Improved reliability for CD burning