Pokki Updated ( Complete )

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Apps Menu

The Apps Menu provides a centralized place to view all your installed apps, arrange them for quick launching, and easily view all your apps new notifications. The Apps Menu also provides free app recommendations with one-click install and access to the Apps Store for even more apps.

Opening the Apps Menu

To open the Apps Menu click the Apps Menu icon () in the Windows taskbar. The Apps Menu icon has a tooltip that reads “Apps” when you hover your mouse cursor over it.

My Apps

All your installed apps are displayed in My Apps. Here you can:

  • Launch an app by clicking on its icon
  • Arrange apps by clicking and dragging an apps’ icon
  • Configure an apps’ notifications settings and app specific options by right clicking on the apps’ icon

To pin an app to the taskbar right-click on it’s icon and select the “Pin to taskbar” option.

Popular Apps

Popular Apps display popular free apps from the App Store. You can install an app at anytime by clicking on the “Install” button next to the app’s icon. Every day the apps displayed are refreshed. You can find more apps in the App Store which can be launched by clicking on the “Browse App Store” button or clicking on the App Store app icon in My Apps.

New Notifications

New Notifications display notifications from apps that went unseen or left for follow up at a later time. Notifications are grouped by the app that created them and are sorted from newest to oldest (top to bottom); clicking on a notification launches the app. You may also dismiss all notifications for an app by clicking on the X button to the right of the apps’ name.


A welcome addition to the existing badge notifications, which appear over an apps’ icon in the taskbar, are banner notifications. Banner notifications are small windows, containing relevant information about the notification, which appear momentarily after sliding in from the side of the desktop.

Pokki Updated ( Summary )

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  • The introduction of the Apps Menu – A place to organize, launch, and keep up to date with your favorite apps.
  • Major update to Notifications – Never miss out on what’s important with banner notifications, which slide in and out from the side of the desktop, and the Notification Center, a centralized place to see all your apps new notifications.
  • Organize your taskbar the way you like it – Pin or unpin apps from the taskbar, and optionally hide badge notifications.
  • More apps – Angry Birds, Pandora, Pinterest, Google Reader, Wunderlist, and feature rich Gmail are welcome additions to Instagrille and hundreds of other apps available for free in the App Store.

Download Instapic via Instagrille 19

Some of you may have know this hidden feature ; not easily discover by daily user.

  1. Launch Instagrille
  2. Use list view option
  3. Hover and click your mouse to one of your ” following  ” user instapic
  4. The App then will focus to one instapic ; that you clicked before
  5. Hover again to that instapic
  6. You will see 2 options ; View Online ( Bring you to http://inst.ag showing your currently viewed instapic in instagrille ) and Download Image
  7. PickDownload Image ” and select where will you put that image
  8. Done

Instagrille ( by Pokki )19 Update

+ Added Email, Pinterest and Google+ sharing options
+ New Share UI
+ Added messaging when trying to share private photos
+ Fixed a bug that caused popular to load too many photos when scrolling
+ Misc styling fixes


What is Instagrille ? Click Here for anwser