BBM ( Blackberry World )

  • Multi-tasking with Split-screen feature – Customers can do more while they talk, such as check other BBM text chats, check email, or navigate to other apps while engaged on a BBM Voice call. They can start a call in an instant, and switch between texting and talking, or text and talk at the same time. They can also for example, send a picture to a contact while they are talking with them.
  • Clear Visual Indicator – Customers can see when contacts are available for a voice call.
  • Convenient Compatibility with Accessories – Customers can use their favorite accessories, such as a Bluetooth or wired headset, or use the BlackBerry smartphone’s speakerphone.
  • 16 New Emoticons – Available in the final software released today, customers will see a slate of new emoticons offer them fresh, fun ways to express themselves in text chats.
  • Direct BBM Update Notification – BBM will now notify a customer when there is an update from within the app, and allow them to download it immediately from inside the app.
  • Simple BlackBerry ID Synchronization – A customer’s BBM profile, Groups and Contacts are now linked to their BBID for easy backup and restore. The data will also carry over when they move to BlackBerry 10.

Change Log Here

Facebook Beta ( Blackberry )

Enhanced BBM Integration

Users are now able to integrate BBM with their Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones application!
Feature Breakdown:

  • Ability to share/unshare BlackBerry PINs to Facebook Profiles
  • Ability to invite Facebook friends to become a BBM contact
  • Ability to initiate a BBM conversation from within the Facebook for BlackBerry application

Photo Redesign
Improved performance and ability to view thumbnails and open pictures from a grid into full screen


Feature Breakdown:

  • Grid view photo browsing
  • Full screen picture viewing


HTC One X Specification

  • 1.7 GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 CPU
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 2100mAh battery
  • 64GB of internal storage in the UK, other markets may vary
  • 4.7-inch laminated SuperLCD2 display at 720p (1280×720) resolution with Gorllla Glass 2
  • Internal speaker with built-in amplifier
  • 8.0MP rear camera with BSI sensor, f/2.0 lens and HTC ImageSense
  • 1.6MP front-facing camera with HTC ImageSense
  • HSPA+ 42Mbps connectivity in Europe, LTE connectivity in the U.S.
  • Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC support
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS with HTC Sense 4+
  • Size: 134.36 x 69.9 x 8.9mm
  • Weight: 135 grams with battery


Download Instapic via Instagrille 19

Some of you may have know this hidden feature ; not easily discover by daily user.

  1. Launch Instagrille
  2. Use list view option
  3. Hover and click your mouse to one of your ” following  ” user instapic
  4. The App then will focus to one instapic ; that you clicked before
  5. Hover again to that instapic
  6. You will see 2 options ; View Online ( Bring you to showing your currently viewed instapic in instagrille ) and Download Image
  7. PickDownload Image ” and select where will you put that image
  8. Done

T.O.D : Useful tips for Mad Instagram user

Number 1 :

Tired using your Android and iOS device just to open instagram cause it’s sometime difficult to browse ? or too small ? Now, there are 2 option you can choose ;

  • Instagrille ( Previous Tip )

It’s similar to Smartphone version but of course some features not available ( because it’s non-official and it’s desktop version ), what’s make you more interested with it is the app is free but only WINDOWS can run it. Download Here

  • Extragram ( Web-based Instagram )

The screen too small to browse pictures uploaded by your friends ? Does not like downloading software cause your PC having low-space left hard disk ? You can try Extragram. It’s non official but it’s simple to use it ; access to it’s website and just a simple sign in to your Instagram account.

Number 2 :

Looking for Application that enables you to download your INSTAGRAM pictures ? Here’s the solution ;

The file will be downloaded as .rar file need help ? If you don’t need help, Download  Here

Need help how to download ? Here

Weekend Offer : Jingu Avatar [ Blackberry ]

This weekend Jingu App , giving you a chance to buy in-app purchases for free ( which usually cost around $3.99 ). It’s another surprise for Blackberry User ( previously : User paid every update / now it’s free ). But you’ll need to be fast ! Offer ends at Monday Midnight ( 12 am )

– Quoted from Crackberry –

 What does this App Do ?

  • Create a fun BBM profile picture with Jingu Avatars! Choose from hundreds of different items to make the avatar look just like you.
  • You can change your clothes, hairstyle, facial expression, and more, to match you every day.
  • Get access to even more items through the avatar store.
  • Update your BBM profile picture with just one click.
  • Create avatars of your friends and share them through BBM.

Details for Facebook For Blackberry [ Beta ]


Users are now able to access Events from their Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones application! This feature gives you the ability to view the details of an event, see a list of events you have created or have been invited to, as well as view a guest list of the event.

Feature Breakdown:

  • Ability to see the details of an event (basic information only: times, venue, description)
  • Ability to see the list of events that a user has created or is invited to in chronological order (not clickable items)
  • Ability to see a filtered guest list for the event by RSVP (Going/Not Attending/Maybe/Not Responded/All Invited)
  • Ability to see events shown as quickly as possible


A popular feature request from the BlackBerry Beta Zone community is now available in Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 3.2. The new version of Facebook for BlackBerry gives you the ability to view the birthdays of all your Facebook friends directly from the application. Users now also have the added ability of integrating Facebook birthdays into your BlackBerry smartphone calendar!

Feature Breakdown:

  • Ability to link all Facebook friends’ birthdays to your BlackBerry Calendar
  • Previously integrated birthdays in the calendar are removed when birthday integration settings are changed
  • Ability to select which friends’ birthdays appear in the device calendar
  • Ability to see friends birthdays in chronological order from the current date
  • Ability to see friends birthday’s grouped with date headers
  • Previously contact-linked birthdays are pre-selected

Updated Navigation Grid Icon

Blackberry Desktop 2.4 build 16 [ Mac OS X ]

New features on build 13

  • Support for new BlackBerry PlayBook tablets

BlackBerry Desktop Software now supports mobile network enabled tablets.

  • Improved Group to Category synchronization for your contacts

When you synchronize your contacts, the BlackBerry Desktop Software maps Groups from your Apple Address Book to a Category with the same name in the Contacts app on your BlackBerry smartphone.

  • Ability to restore a backup file created using BlackBerry Desktop Software for Windows

You can restore a backup file that was created using the BlackBerry Desktop Software for Windows to your smartphone or tablet using the BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac.

****  Change Log ***

Synchronizing organizer data
Previously, if you had set up and synchronized a calendar using the BlackBerry Desktop Software for an email address you added to the BlackBerry Internet Service and then, from your smartphone, you changed the calendar you wanted to synchronize, the BlackBerry Desktop Software didn’t display the error message: “Service for your device’s calendar has changed.”(DT 2418213)
Previously, if you have more than one calendar in iCal and you configured calendar sync, if you created an event in iCal and synced to your smartphone and then later deleted the event from iCal and manually forced the event to sync to your smartphone, the BlackBerry Desktop Software didn’t delete the event from the smartphone and you received a synchronization error. (DT 2333729)
Previously, if you configured the iCloud online service on Mac OS X 10.7.2, you couldn’t sync your iCal entries using the BlackBerry Desktop Software. After you configured synchronization for your calendar, you received the following BlackBerry Desktop Software error message: “There are no calendars for synchronization.” Also, the Sync button in the BlackBerry Desktop Software wasn’t grayed out, and it appeared that you could sync your iCal entries. If you clicked Sync, you received a synchronization error. (DT 2115620)
Updating the software on your smartphone or tablet
Previously, if your tablet stopped responding and you connected it to the BlackBerry Desktop Software to load the latest BlackBerry PlayBook OS on to the device, if you disconnected your tablet from your computer and completed the setup steps on your tablet, when you reconnected your tablet, the Storage field on the Summary screen displayed 0 B. You were unable to synchronize or backup your media files. (DT 3063465)


Blackberry Desktop 7.1 bundle 33 [ Windows ] Released

What’s new on 7.1 :

  • BlackBerry PlayBook tablet support

You can add a tablet that has BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.1 or later installed on it.

The BlackBerry Desktop Software supports mobile network enabled tablets.

  • Sync enhancements

You can sync all of your configured data at one time by toggling the sync button in a synchronization screen and selecting Sync All.

  • Media sync enhancements

    You can:

    • Sync your music by individual songs or by collections of music, including albums.
    • Drag and drop picture and video folders from your computer into the BlackBerry Desktop Software to sync with your BlackBerrysmartphone or tablet.Synchronizing organizer data.


    *** Change Log ***

    Synchronizing organizer data

    Previously, if you had two-way sync configured for your organizer data, and you switched to one-way sync to the device and updated an organizer data entry on your smartphone, if you then changed the sync direction to one-way to your computer, the change on your smartphone wasn’t synchronized to your computer. (DT 3869608)
    IBM Lotus Notes
    Previously, if you had one-way sync to your smartphone from your computer configured for tasks and you had a conflict between a recurring event on your smartphone and a non-recurring event in IBM Lotus Notes, if you chose to update the event from your mail client, the event on your smartphone was updated but the event type was not changed from recurring to non-recurring. (DT 3869694)
    Previously, if you had two-way sync configured and you created a recurring task on your smartphone and you set a reminder that was relative to the task date, when the BlackBerry Desktop Software synchronized the task to your computer, the alarm for the reminder was incorrect. (DT 3869687)
    Previously, if you configured two-way sync for your tasks, reminders set for recurring tasks in IBM Lotus Notes were not synchronized to your smartphone. (DT 3869601)
    Previously, if you configured synchronization for your tasks and you disabled the Due Date/Time field level mapping and then clicked Sync, you received the following error message:  “CRRecurringl::IsValidRecurringField: “ Due Date/Time” field NOT found in FieldTempateMap.” (DT 2370917)
    Windows 7
    Previously, if you were using Windows 7 Calendar and you configured synchronization for tasks in the BlackBerry Desktop Software, when you clicked Sync, the BlackBerry Desktop Software displayed the following synchronization error message: “CPreferencesManager: Configuration Value for /Preferences 1/CalFilename not set in TransConfig.xml.” Instead, the BlackBerry Desktop Software should have prompted you to select your calendar file. (DT 3869582)
    Windows Vista
    Previously, if you had Windows Vista installed on your computer and you created an all-day event from your computer, when the BlackBerry Desktop Software synchronized the event to the Calendar application on your smartphone, the event didn’t display as an all-day event on the smartphone. (DT 3869459)

Vlc 2.0.3 Released

Mac OS X

  • OS X Mountain Lion Support
  • Overall stability of Vlc
  • Improved fullscreen behaviour when using remote app on a smartphone
  • Improvement for flv and ape demuxers including http access module

All OS

  • 18 translations Update
  • Uzbek and Marathi Support Added

Twitter 3.1 for Blackberry Released

After Gold Canidate ( v.3.1.017 ) released on Beta Zone, today I have received Twitter Update ( v. ) on App World,

It’s change log was :

  • New Tweet Detail Screen; new look, may a look like with Official iOS Twitter App
  • Updated Twitter Branding; a month ago, Twitter.Inc changed it’s logo. Now it’s available to be seen via Blackberry App
  • Undo Retweet; Just in case you retweet the wrong tweet …. now there’s more simplier way to solve that ..
  • Improved Sign-Up Screen … Better look, Better Experience for you

If you are interested with Change Log of This Application when it’s on Beta Zone. Click Here