Google Translate 2.5 [ Android ]

  • Translate some part of Image ( At least 2.3 OS / Gingerbread ) ;

How to do it :

  1. Take a picture via rear-facing Camera
  2. Highlight which one you want to translate
  3. Let it loads ( It will took time to get used to )
  4. Done
  • Specify preferred dialects for speech input, instant, as-you-type translation similar to the Google Translate web interface
  •  Improvements to the way Japanese characters are handled ; recognizing multiple Japanese Word at once.

Vlc 2.0.3 Released

Mac OS X

  • OS X Mountain Lion Support
  • Overall stability of Vlc
  • Improved fullscreen behaviour when using remote app on a smartphone
  • Improvement for flv and ape demuxers including http access module

All OS

  • 18 translations Update
  • Uzbek and Marathi Support Added