µTorrent Updates [ Windows ]

  • µTorrent beta 3.2.1 (build 27718) Download Here

New layout of the Add Torrent Dialog
New Feature: never try a tracker again if it returns status code 410
Change: add tracker.ccc.de as a default tracker
Fix: don’t write the block list in a part file in 4-byte increments

  • µTorrent 3.2 build 27708  Language Pack Download Here
  • µTorrent Stable 3.2 (build 27708) Download Here

µTorrent Stable 3.2 ( build 27636) [ Windows ]


  • Add tracker.ccc.de as a default tracker


  • Disallow http connections to tracker.openbittorrent.com and tracker.publicbt.com


  • Disk cache size accounting

Download Here :

Facebook Released [ Beta Zone / Blackberry ]

New Features on v. ( July 5th )

  • In-App view of Friends’ Birthdays
  • Ability to add Friends’ Birthdays to the BlackBerry Calendar

New features on v. ( July 27th )

  • Access to Facebook Events
  • An update to the icons on the Navigation Grid

Known Issues List and Change Log : here

Details : here

No Beta Zone Account ? How to sign up now !

Details for Facebook For Blackberry [ Beta ]


Users are now able to access Events from their Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones application! This feature gives you the ability to view the details of an event, see a list of events you have created or have been invited to, as well as view a guest list of the event.

Feature Breakdown:

  • Ability to see the details of an event (basic information only: times, venue, description)
  • Ability to see the list of events that a user has created or is invited to in chronological order (not clickable items)
  • Ability to see a filtered guest list for the event by RSVP (Going/Not Attending/Maybe/Not Responded/All Invited)
  • Ability to see events shown as quickly as possible


A popular feature request from the BlackBerry Beta Zone community is now available in Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 3.2. The new version of Facebook for BlackBerry gives you the ability to view the birthdays of all your Facebook friends directly from the application. Users now also have the added ability of integrating Facebook birthdays into your BlackBerry smartphone calendar!

Feature Breakdown:

  • Ability to link all Facebook friends’ birthdays to your BlackBerry Calendar
  • Previously integrated birthdays in the calendar are removed when birthday integration settings are changed
  • Ability to select which friends’ birthdays appear in the device calendar
  • Ability to see friends birthdays in chronological order from the current date
  • Ability to see friends birthday’s grouped with date headers
  • Previously contact-linked birthdays are pre-selected

Updated Navigation Grid Icon

Piriform CCleaner v3.21.1767 Released

New Features / Support :

  • Support for Windows Server 2012.
  • Opera plug-in cache cleaning.
  • Tatar translation.
  • Cleaning for Universal Extractor.
  • Benchmarking for Cleaner summary results.

Improvement / Fixes

  • Startup Tool loading algorithm.
  • Drive support in Drive Wiper tool.
  • Font Cache cleaning.
  • Wildcard behavior in search boxes.
  • System Restore discovery.
  • Windows 8 identification.
  • Internet Download Manager cleaning.
  • Minor GUI improvements and bug fixes.

µTorrent beta 3.2.1 ( build 27605) [ Windows ]

Download Here

*** Bug Fixes ***

  • Seeing while streaming in Chrome
  • Incorrect http requests were causing some RSS feeds to not download
  • Broadcast new UPnP IP when switching networks
  • When downloading magnet metadata, don’t start torrent unless user chose that option
  • Resetting columns in detail listview would crash
  • Crash when peer cancelled a piece
  • Crash when writing magnet torrent file to disk

**** New Features ****


  • Advanced Settings filter
  • Convert http trackers to udp by default


**** Changes ****

  • Disk I/O error logging
  • Disable unbuffered I/O
  • net.friendly_name (upnp network name) advanced option