Google Play Update

  • Adobe Air
  1. Bug fixes
  2. Security enhancements

Other Details Here

  • Angry Bird 2.3.0

The Bad Piggies don’t just have a new game — now they’ve taken over Angry Birds with 15 of the PIGGEST levels ever!
Take a break with 15 stormy levels for Surf ‘n Turf!
The Bad Piggies have taken over with 15 PIG THEMED Angry Birds levels!

  • Draw Something Free 1.10.108

** No Change Log **

  • Google+

– Google+ page owners can view, post and comment from mobile
– Discover people and topics more easily using ‘Find people’
– New Home screen Widget re-design

  • Instagram 3.2.0

– Fixes on Black Image issue ( Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy Y )

  • iStunt 2 1.0.6

– Jellybean Support

  • Plague.Inc 1.0.5

– Now possible to move to SD
– Performance improvements to fix crashes on some devices.
– Game will auto-save if it detects a shortage of memory (RAM)
– News headlines now sync
– Achievements notification

  • Street view on Google Map

** No Change Log **

  • Whatsapp Messenger  2.8.5732
    critical bug fixes for Sony Ericsson devices
    media upload bug fix
    updated localization
  • Foursquare 2012.10.10

✓ Points back in for check-in detail pages
✓ We’re now bolding out those shout-outs and mentions of friends for check-ins
✓ Report tips that are spam, offensive or no longer relevant via the Tip detail page
✓ New categorization of venue photos, now we show you what’s more relevant at the top, and no more duplicates!
✓ Quick save capability from the activity stream
✓ Addressed issue with viewing profile

Google Play Update

  • YouTube 4.1.23

* New UI and Preloading now available on Froyo and Gingerbread devices
* New Watch experience
* Add videos to your YouTube TV queue
* More channels to pick from on the Channel Store

  • Temple Run 1.0.8

-We added a bunch of new offers to get free coins
-We fixed a bunch of bugs

  • Whatsapp Messenger 2.8.5310
  1. Improved emoji picker with expanded symbols
  2. Miscellaneous bug fixes and localization improvements
  3. Critical bug fix for media upload / download

What’s App Messenger Update

  • iOS ( 2.8.4 / 15 September )

Increase group chats to 30

( 2.8.3 )

  1. Encryption: your messages are now fully encrypted when traveling over Wi-Fi or mobile network!
  2. Show push names in group chats for unknown numbers
  3. Better message forwarding picker (show groups, recents, contacts)
  4. Spinning indicator changed to gray clock to match other platforms
  5. Image auto-download
  6. Updated Korean, Chinese and many other translations
  • Android ( 2.8.4771 )
  1. Group chat limit raised to 30 people.
  2. Improvements and tweaks to Arabic presentation – Thanks Bichen!
  3. Improvements to video recording and playback
  4. Added Polish (Thanks Kasia!), Indonesian translations
  5. Add “only when screen off” setting for notification popup
  6. Many many bug fixes and improvements

WhatsApp Messenger Returns to Windows Marketplace

Previously, it’s reported when some users can’t find their favorite app anymore in the marketplace. Soon, after rumors spectaculating what’s going on with WhatsApp on the fan blog, luckily WhatApp developer responed thats WhatsApp will return to the Marketplace soon.

Today, is the great day for us, that WhatsApp returns to the marketplace with 2.8 version. Until now, what cause ( They made the app private ) weren’t confirm but one thing they said ( so people won’t misunderstood ) it’s not about security issues.

Early look of WhatsApp Messenger [ Windows Phone 8 ]

Previously, Windows Phone few days back surprised by the missing from the marketplace then after many speculation / guesses by the fans on . WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton replies that their teams soon submit new version to the market. No other details were given but this sounds like an execution error rather than something more deleterious.

And Today, there’s another news for it ; A windows phone-8 based phone [ Apollo ] running WhatsApp [ Leaked ], and these are some screenshot given to the public [ For more screenshots : Here]

WhatsApp Messenger Interface ( Leaked )

WhatsApp App Tile

Though nothing too revealing is shown by the images it’s sure nice to see companies like WhatsApp pushing forward on Windows Phone and we look forward to taking their new version for a spin.

This weekday iOS App Updates

Adobe Reader v.10.3

Foursquare v.5.2

  • Several Bug Fixes

WhatsApp Messenger v.2.8.2

  • Fix Application hanging after updating to 2.8.1 version
  • Increase group size to 20
  • Let group admin remove from group
  • Bug fixes